Crispy hot chicken wings

Smoked wings with piri piri sauce

Butternut squash soup (v)

with sourdough croute

Salt and pepper squid

deep fried squids with lime and saffron aioli

Chorizo a la criolla 

argentine grill sausage served with bread and chimichurri sauce


grilled black pudding served with artisan bread

Streak and fries

180g of argentine heart of rump served

with chimicurri and fresh fries

Buttermilk chicken burger

with lettuce, tomato and alioli sauce, served with fresh fries

Half BBQ pork ribs

our special slow cookedpork ribs, served with french fries


pure beef, with your chice of cheddar or blue cheese,

home made sauce, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, gherkins

served with french fries

Panzerotti Primavera (v)

italian egg pasta, filled with porcini mushrooms, served with

peas, cherry tomatoe and courgettes

4 Locos healthy salad (v)

mixed leaves, tenderloin broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers,

radish, chickpeas and avacado.

add chargrilled chicken breast for 2.50

Dulce de leche pancake

home made pancake, filled with

argentine caramelised toffee

Ice cream and sorbet

please choose 2 scoops from our flavours: vanilla, chocolate

salted caramel, lemon and passionfruit